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Obviux A/S is as of 31/12-2021 transferrred to its parent company Andel Holding A/S

For further information please contact
Flemming Louw-Reimer, FLR@andel.dk


The team at Frederiksberg is now part of Andel IT & Digital Innovation.


We develop and operate the future settlement and customer service system for Andel Energi (SEAS-NVE Strømmen A/S).


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How we work

At Obviux, our everyday life is strongly influenced by the agile principles and we use Scrum as a development process. Through frequent deliveries and continuous feedback from our product owners, we deliver good, tested quality in the order that the product owners want it.


The agile way of working gives each individual developer in the team the opportunity to characterize their own everyday life. We support each other to do our best towards our common goals, so Obviux remains a great place to work.


A couple of weekends a year, we invite to volunteer hackatons if there are topics that interest us in particular. Please join us…

Recently we did an

Agility Health Check

to assess our agile

maturity and this is

summarized in a case.